Saltire over Savannah, GA. Contrails In The Sky : Southeastern Bound

Saltire over Savannah, GA. Contrails In The Sky

by James Byous on 12/17/11


     Those of Scottish ancestry readily recognize the Saltire, even if they aren't familiar with the flag's name.  The "X" on the Scottish flag marks the oldest national flag to fly anywhere on the globe.  It's quite well known here in the South where heritage hangs like moss in the oaks and Scots (even those separated from their ancestral homeland by multiple-generations) abound.  That's why we all call each other "Cuz".  'Cuz we are... cousins, that is.

     That X represents the cross of Saint Andrew, the first person called by Jesus to discipleship.  His bones, or at least selected specimens were... shall we say, "borrowed" and taken to what is now St. Andrews, Scotland and thus became the patron saint of the northern British isle.  The place that is now know for Golf... note the capital "G"... and for being the land of St. Palmer, St. Nicklaus, St. Hagen, St. Tiger and many more of that Ilk.  Not to forget St. Bobby Jones, nay!

     It is said the Angus MacFergus, the Pictish King of Alba and Eochaidh, the King of Dalriada, were fighting against forces from the south - yes, the English - over land in East Lothian near Haddington.  The night before the battle Angus had a vision in which St. Andrew came to him and said his army would be victorious.  The next day - just in time for the battle - clouds in the sky formed and X, the shape of St. Andrew's Cross.  The Picts and Scotti were encouraged, the Northumberland army ran.  The battle was won.  And, so they say, the rest is history.

     This photo, however, was of the sky over Savannah, Georgia, a place where airlines cross paths as they slip through the thick Southern air. Some carry Yankees to Florida... and back again.  Others turn to head for Atlanta and places East.  Interesting feature it is, though no battle is planned....  At least not with the English... not today anyway. 

     And, no, it was not Photoshopped.

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