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Welcome to the South, Y'All!

by James Byous on 12/21/10

     I love the Southeast, the people, places and the sparkling cultural facets that make it unique.  Vacations, travel and destination wedding spots in the Southeast are the best; best climate, best views, best prices, best people.  In this blog we will explore Southern life, the people and the businesses that work to create the mood and the opportunity so many others admire and may I impart - envy. 

     As President of the Savannah Wedding Tourism Council I want everyone to see what the South has to offer.  We will discuss all things Southern and especially all things Savannah, from tourism, to weddings, to art, to bagpipes in the square. All the reasons to visit the most beautiful city in the USA.

     We will look at places to experience and talk about the people and history that make them interesting.  From vacations to weddings, chow dives to dining fine, from touristy trappings to behind the scenes stories.  The who, what, when, where, sometimes why - and anything else with a "W" that we can slip into the story - will be open for consideration.

     Our first destination is Savannah, Georgia, the Hostess City of the South.  Over the past twenty year it has moved in stature from a princess with a dirty face, to reigning queen of romantic cities.  In our ramblings we'll find deals on places to stay, tours, dining and what's hot in the arts.

     Stay tuned.  We are Southeastern Bound.



Cara of Carriage Tours of Savannah driving down the lane at Wormsloe State Park

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1. Kaye said on 12/21/10 - 06:23PM
I am definitely a fan! You're right about this city. Looking forward to more!
2. Pam Goodrum said on 12/21/10 - 09:25PM
I know the gal that started this, grew up with her. Her name is Diane Bryant, she lived on Dancy Ave. in Vernonburg. Then she purchased the old Gatch place next to the Beams on Vernonburg. Have not a clue what she is up to these days...

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