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Why Ride When You Can Glide

by James Byous on 09/19/12

Today I had the opportunity to glide around our beautiful city on a Segway tour from Segway of Savannah. Fantastic!  After a short safety video three novices - two young ladies from Delaware and me - climbed aboard.  Wobbly at first, it soon became second nature to glide, turn, stop and roll along the cobbled streets of Savannah. 

Our tour guide, Kathie, was knowledgeable on our city's history and made the day enjoyable.  Currently SoS is providing 1.5 hour tours of downtown along with a tour of Bonaventure Cemetery which is just outside of the Historic District.  Talk is they will be adding other tours in the future after moving to their new location at West Boundary Street and Oglethorpe.

At right, Kathie, our guide. 

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